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Deep dives into Dylan


Pod Dylan

One Song, One Guest

Dylantantes 500x

The Dylantantes

What is it about Dylan?

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A Bob Dylan Primer

The History of Bob

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Gaucho Amigos

Steely Dan Interviews

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Watching The Covers Flow

Covers of Dylan songs


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Our Latest Episodes

Pod Dylan #102 - Clothes Line Saga

Pod Dylan #102 – Clothes Line Saga

POD DYLAN Episode 102 - Clothes Line Saga Rob welcomes author, teacher, and fellow Bobcat William McKeen to discuss one of the more obtuse songs ...
Pod Dylan #101 - Bob Dylan's Dream

Pod Dylan #101 – Bob Dylan’s Dream

POD DYLAN Episode 101 - Bob Dylan's Dream Rob welcomes fellow Bobcat and podcaster Noah Tarnow to discuss the melancholy "Bob Dylan's Dream" from 1963's ...
Pod Dylan Live! - Like A Rolling Stone

Pod Dylan Live! – Like A Rolling Stone

POD DYLAN LIVE! - LIKE A ROLLING STONE Recorded live on July 28, 2019 at The Tattooed Mom on South St., Rob ...
04 - 1966, I Don’t Believe You

04 – 1966, I Don’t Believe You

Imagine you’ve bought a ticket to see your favorite artist in concert. Imagine then that you’re horrified at what that artist plays ...
03 - The First Rock Star

03 – The First Rock Star

What does it mean to be a “rock star?” Attitude? Swagger? Shades? Can a folk singer turn into a rock star? Let’s ...
02 - The Voice of a Generation

02 – The Voice of a Generation

Once, a single song could change the world. In 1963, a 22-year-old kid wrote a song called Blowin’ In The Wind … ...

More About Our Shows


Go deep with series that focuses on one Dylan album or period each quarter, with interviews with everyone in the know.


Learn about one Dylan song per episode with guests who share their insights and experiences with host Freewheelin’ Rob Kelly.

A Bob Dylan Primer

The story of Bob Dylan’s career – from Dylan’s youth in Minnesota up to the release of his recent Rough and Rowdy Ways.


Interviews, panel discussions, and other delectable confections from the academic world offers unique looks at the work of Bob Dylan.
GauchoAmigos FINAL 400x400

Gaucho Amigos

This pod explores how a couple of funny-looking, misanthropic beatniks became the two most unlikely rock stars of the 70’s.
Watching The Covers Flow - 500x

Watching The Covers Flow

Coming Soon: A new show focused on covers of Bob Dylan songs.