I listen to several podcasts having to do with Dylan. I especially appreciate those that delve deeply into his song lyrics as literature. This is my new fav Dylan podcast. It’s 25th anniversary of TOOM and this podcast is beating all the rest in its episodes on this great album and it’s significance.

BleedinhgOn Dylan.FM

Love this pod. What a great idea to go through bob’s song one at a time. Dylan is the ultimate songwriter and there are so many still to go. Guests always bring an interesting perspective. The host is great!

Zarfasteron Pod Dylan

Excellent podcast. Each episode built upon the previous one. My ears simply went along willingly with the flow of the host’s voice. Loads of background info regarding Dylan.

SheeshReallyon A Bob Dylan Primer

Great subject, but also very well done. From audio quality to content. It does exactly what it sets out to, be a primer on an amazing artist.

Etiam Praesenton A Bob Dylan Primer

Host is informative, a great interviewer and has a wonderful vast knowledge of Dylan’s work.

Mounart2on Pod Dylan