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Hosted by Alex Preiss (creator of the popular @baddantakes Twitter account) with sincere love and embarrassingly deep knowledge, Gaucho Amigos explores how a couple of funny-looking, misanthropic beatniks became the two most unlikely rock stars of the ‘70s. Through 1-on-1 interviews with notable Dan fans from across the pop culture spectrum, Gaucho Amigos ponders the nature of the band’s greatness, exploring the band’s growing cultural cache and trawling the outer reaches of Steely Dan’s sleazy cinematic universe.

The show began Season One in March 2023.

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Alex Preiss

Alex Preiss is the creator of the @baddantakes twitter account, which has amassed 35k followers and has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, The Ringer, and Uncut's Ultimate Music Guide. Like Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, Alex is a native of the greater New York City metropolitan area, and currently resides in Brooklyn with his wife and two cats.

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30. "The Other Side of No Tomorrow" ft. F.J. McMahon
Singer-songwriter F.J. McMahon joins the podcast to tell the story behind his 1969 folk-rock masterpiece Spirit of the Golden Juice, and shares how his experiences in Vietnam and living in San Francisco during the 60's informed the songs on the only album he's ever released. Also, F.J. discusses his love of Steely Dan and explains why they were ...
29. "I Can't Cry Anymore" ft. Jack Hamilton
Writer Jack Hamilton (author of Just Around Midnight: Rock and Roll and the Racial Imagination) joins the podcast to discuss Steely Dan's relationship to R&B and Motown, and how Donald and Walter's reclusiveness and decision to forgo touring helped create a cult following that endures today ...
28. "The Early Years" ft. Kenny Vance
Kenny Vance (singer and founding member of Jay and the Americans) joins the podcast to tell the story of how he discovered two young songwriters named Fagen and Becker at the Brill Building in the late 1960's, and shares what it was like to tour, record, and collaborate with Donald and Walter in the "pre-Steely ...
27. "Haulin' Boss Crude" ft. Rob Delaney
Actor and comedian Rob Delaney (author of A Heart That Works) joins the podcast to talk about his newfound Steely Dan obsession, giving particular praise to their "rock band" era, and contrasting Donald's legacy with that of adjacent NYC-area rock legends Bruce Springsteen and Lou Reed ...
26. "You'll See the Oceans Part" ft. Brian Sweet
Brian Sweet, author of Steely Dan biography Reelin' in the Years, joins the podcast to talk about how he ended up writing the first Steely Dan book ever published. Brian also shares what it was like to be a Dan fan in the pre-Internet era, and how he eventually came to meet his heroes Donald ...
25. "Local Boys Will Spend a Quarter" ft. Rob Mounsey
Keyboardist, arranger, and studio specialist Rob Mounsey joins the podcast to share his experiences working on Steely Dan's 1980 album Gaucho. Rob discusses in detail his contributions to the songs "Babylon Sisters," "Glamour Profession," and "Gaucho," and sheds some light on the creative process behind those three legendary Steely Dan tracks ...
22. "Festive Icons Along the Way" ft. Barney Hurley
Samuel Purdey co-leader/songwriter and Steely Dan aficionado Barney Hurley joins the podcast to tell the origin story behind his incredible collection of Dan-related archival photographs and memorabilia. He also recalls his reaction to Two Against Nature's Grammy victory, and shares some of his impressions of life in New York City as a British Dan fan ...
12. "Route 5 to Laughing Pines" ft. James Jackson Toth
Singer-Songwriter James Jackson Toth (fka Wooden Wand) joins the podcast for a fun rambling Dan chat that touches on everything from "Albinigate" to touring life to the Minutemen cover of "Dr. Wu." ...
7. "With Jazz and Conversation" ft. Lester the Nightfly
The man behind @TheNightflyWJAZ joins the podcast for a fun chat between two Dan-themed Twitter accounts. They speculate on everything from how Steely Dan might have been different had they continued alternating lead vocalists as on Can't Buy a Thrill, to what 1980's post-Gaucho "smooth jazz Steely Dan" might have sounded like ...
3. "The Silver Will Turn to Gold" ft. Lou Hayter
After hearing her excellent cover of "Time Out of Mind," it came of no surprise that London-based musician Lou Hayter has a deep knowledge and affection for Steely Dan. She talks to Alex about what it was like to cover them, and shares her love of some other Steely Dan-adjacent artists including David Crosby, Rosie ...
1. "They've Joined the Human Race" ft. Harry
In this debut episode of new Steely Dan-themed podcast "Gaucho Amigos," Alex is joined by his friend Harry to discuss Steely Dan's place in the 1970's California music scene, Owsley Stanley, Donald Fagen's "I.G.Y." and "Memorabilia," and much more in this wide-ranging conversation about Steely Dan's legacy and lore ...

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