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S01.18 Scott Bunn on Highlands from Dylan's Time Out Of Mind

Scott Bunn writes a lot about Dylan songs at his website – and he’s covered Highlands from Time Out Of Mind twice. In this episode he reads his entire first full look at Highlands, and then shares with us a realization/theory he has about “The Waitress” which was the subject of his second post.

Scott talks about the musical inspiration for Highlands, the place he describes, the humor, the Neil Young reference, and more. His ‘waitress revisited’ discussion talks about the debt Dylan might owe to Terry Allen for his song ‘The Beautiful Waitress’ (iTunes) (Spotify) (Tidal).

He also took questions and we talk about both posts and Dylan/Time Out Of Mind in general.

Scott wrote really interesting posts on 81 different Dylan songs during the 2021 and 2022 – and they’ve been broadly praised and discussed and even had some impressive hat tips links from the artists involved. After his Dylan series he moved on to write a bunch about Elvis Costello.


The Beautiful Waitress (Terry Allen)


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